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About Me

About Me

Have you ever heard a song that immediately triggered a memory? A first kiss, your child being born? Maybe just an image of rain trickling down a window? These songs make up the soundtrack of your life. As an artist, I aspire to become a part of as many of those soundtracks as I possibly can. Be it with a composition I made or recorded, a concert I played, someone’s wedding I played at or even someone overhearing me playing when I think no one’s around.

Composing music is really important to me. Ever since I discovered music, I’ve been finding ways to make it my own, to create. Ever since my first band at the age of 16, I’ve been writing songs for nearly every band I’ve played with. It’s a form of self-expression so deeply personal and yet interpretable in so many ways that it can mean something completely different to another listener. It’s a great feeling to touch people in that way.

What Else?

I love playing various styles of music: jazz, pop music, latin, dance, Frank Zappa (couldn’t figure out where he belonged) and with all types of musicians. I am currently attached to some very interesting projects. The Muze Jazz Orchestra is a large band that started out as a musical laboratory in the mind of guitar player Marco Cirone. It has since grown to an icon in the jazz scene here in our part of Belgium. We play all sorts of projects around themes and/or with guests. I have written a lot of music for this great band. Presidents Of Antarctica is another band where I compose in collaboration with various members of the band. We fuse elements of jazz, funk, electronica and good old-fashioned pop music to make a very interesting sound. Most importantly of all, my own Viking Trio is where my heart has found its home. I play with two wonderful musicians and friends who share my vision on music. I could spend hours talking about it, but check out the site and just listen.

Apart from these core projects and my freelance work, I have been on tours with various projects including a Brazilian ensemble through France and a big band through the North West of the United States. I played with Gino Vanelli and with Gary Smullyan. I’ve been in the final rounds of both Limbomania and Nu of Nooit. I’m an experienced musician with a broad base and I keep looking for new challenges and opportunities.

Also, I’m half Swedish and can put together an IKEA desk like it’s nobody’s business!

What Else?

My Projects

I don’t just play solo, I play with some of my favorite musicians. If you want to check out some of my projects, click the button!

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I’m not just a piano player, I’m a composer, arranger and if you need one, a musical director.

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